Fire Brick Charcoal grill
 Fire Brick Charcoal grill
 Fire Brick Charcoal grill
 Fire Brick Charcoal grill
 Fire Brick Charcoal grill

Fire Brick Charcoal grill

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Product Features

It is popular in Japanese cuisine such as yakitori and eel, and more recently in French and Italian restaurants.
Charcoal can reach temperatures of nearly 1,000°C, so it is especially important to keep the heat of the charcoal in check.
Refractory bricks with a heat resistance of approximately 1,400°C are not only durable, but also catch the heat from the charcoal and transfer it to the food without losing any of the charcoal's heat.
The stainless steel covering around the body protects it from oil and grease, further enhancing its durability.

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Standard type
Most common model for a wide range of applications.
Almost all cooking such as meat, vegetables, and fish can be done with this single unit.
Yakitori type
Yakitori type is suitable for roasting with skewers due to narrow depth.
Please choose between the standard type (surface length 110mm) and the wide type (surface length 130mm) models according to the length of the skewer.
Unagi type
Unagi type has no ventilator window and provides constant fire stability.
This is the most popular model used in professional Unagi restaurants.
Griller type
For Griller type, a cast iron grid is attached to adjust the height.
It is ideal for grilling large chunk of meat which needs time to cook.
It is easy to clean the ashes using the attached ashtray.
Steak type
Steak type is three sided and has a grid height adjuster.
It is suitable for grilling meat and fish which requires remote fire positioning.


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