We have launched our original new product, the "Kamaasa Charcoal Grill," a charcoal grill that lets you enjoy authentic charcoal grilling at home.


Kamaasa Shoten, a cooking tool store in Kappabashi, Tokyo (Taito-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Daisuke Kumazawa), founded in 1908, is releasing a new original product, the Kamaasa Charcoal Grill Stand, which allows you to casually enjoy authentic charcoal grilling . Sales will begin at the beginning of September at the Kappabashi main store and official online store. The product will also be on sale at Kamaasa Shoten's pop-up store, "Good tools have a reason," which will be held at Hankyu Men's Tokyo from September 8th.

Charcoal grilling, which is often used in Japanese cuisine, is one of the best cooking methods. It is simple yet full of many charms, as it locks in the umami of the ingredients and brings out their flavor. Kamaasa Shoten advocates the Kamaasa-style [Slow BBQ] , where cooks and diners can enjoy the world of charcoal grilling at the same leisurely pace in the same time and space. Utilizing our experience in supplying charcoal grills to various restaurants both in Japan and overseas, we have developed a charcoal grill that can be used anywhere, in any space, while maintaining the same quality as professional grills. Enjoy authentic charcoal grilling in your garden or on your balcony with the Kamaasa Charcoal Grill.

For more details, please see here (PDF file) .