White Ceramic #1000
White Ceramic #1000

White Ceramic #1000

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Basic ceramic whetstone

Made of WA (white alumina material), this whetstone is recommended for those who want to sharpen relatively quickly. It works well with both carbon and stainless steel.


Medium grit whetstone for restoring sharpness

When the sharpness declines due to regular use, and there are no chips or nicks on a stainless steel knife, you can restore sharpness using a medium grit whetstone. A whetstone with a grit of 1000 is considered standard as a medium grit stone.

A Delightful Sharpening Experience: Knife Sharpening Using Whetstone and TOKA



7cm x 20cm x 4cm

NOTE: There may be slight variations in weight due to individual differences.
#1000 (Medium)
WA (White Alumina)

Care & Use

  • As you use the whetstone, only the areas that have been used will become concave. In such cases, perform maintenance using a truing stone.
  • Use water instead of hot water as it may cause the whetstone to melt or crack. Additionally, avoid prolonged soaking.
  • Dry it in the shade to prevent cracking.

How to Use Whetstones

  • Before starting to sharpen, always soak the whetstone thoroughly in water. Once bubbles stop forming, remove it from the water.
    - When left soaked in water, the whetstone may become loose and dissolve. Soak it just before sharpening.
    - For natural stones, which do not absorb much water, do not soak in water.
    - The soaking time may vary depending on the product.
  • When placing a whetstone without a base, place it on a wet towel to prevent slipping.
  • During sharpening, do not wash away the sharpening residue; instead, sprinkle a small amount of water to keep the whetstone surface wet.
  • After sharpening, rinse the whetstone thoroughly to remove sharpening residue.

How to Maintain Whetstones (Surface Correction)

  • Every whetstone wears down with use, particularly becoming concave and deformed from the center.
  • If used as is, uneven wear may occur, affecting the sharpening process. Therefore, it is important to keep the whetstone flat and free from irregularities at all times.
  • After sharpening 1 to 2 knives, use a truing stone or a concrete block to level the surface horizontally.


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