SETO Red VG10 Utility knife 130mm
SETO Red VG10 Utility knife 130mm

SETO Red VG10 Utility knife 130mm

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Made in Seki city, Gifu
A knife made of high quality VG10 stainless steel with long lasting sharpness. The blade is made by assembling 17 layers of steel by sandwiching VG 10 stainless steel with a sheet of steel made from 8 layers. The blade has beautiful hammering marks and Damascus patterns. Handle is slightly rounded and easy to grip.
This knife is same product of "SETO Black VG10 series" though in a different handle color. "SETO Blue VG10 series" have green colored handle and "SETO Red VG10 series" have red colored handle.

- NOT dishwasher safe
- To prevent rust, thoroughly wipe the knife after washing.
- Please read the instruction before usage.

[Product information]
-Size : Total Length 24.5cm, Blade length 13cm
-Weight : 88g
*The weight of knives can slightly vary.
-Knife type : Utility knife
-Knife bevel : Double bevel (For right and left handed)
-Manufacturing process : Pressed
-Blade material : VG10 stainless steel
-Blade structure : Multi layer (Damascus)
-Handle material : Composite wood
-Origin : Seki city, Gifu
-Maker : SETO


    Yes, but for online orders, we offer a free engraving service for knives only. Please select the desired engraving option, enter text and add the knife to cart. Engraving for products other than knives is only available at our physical store at Kappabashi, Tokyo.

    Most of the chipping can be repaired by re-sharpening the blade. We offer a fee-based knife sharpening service. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us using the inquiry form. Blades can chip by cutting hard ingredients such as bones, seeds or frozen food, dropping and mishandling, or stabbing into hard cutting boards.

    All knives we handle can be repaired with the exception of knives that are severely damaged. Repairing chipping and removing rust will restore sharpness and allow you to use your knives for a longer period of time. We also offer a fee-based knife sharpening service.
    Please note we may not be able to repair knives with unknown blade materials, such as knives purchased at other stores.

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